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Short Review on reseller hosting

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Red Herring’s annual lists of top private companies are an important part of the company’s tradition of identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs. Companies like Google, eBay and Skype were spotted in their early days by Red Herring editors, and touted as leaders that would change the way we live and work.

Some Canadian hosting

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 04:41:57 +0000
As a Canuck I thought I should find one Canadian Web Hosting Company. Plenty of Canadian companies exist but their servers are actually located in the USA. So if you are looking for real web hosting Canada its kind of tough.
One company that actually has servers in Canada is They have packages that start ...]

“I am looking to setup another web site but I want to stay away from WordPress.� Do you have any suggestions for other content management system or blogging scripts to try?� Thanks!”

Featured reseller hosting Items

"I have only being with hostgator for a couple week, but i was very pleased with
their server and support. I have to cancel because my company decide to merge
with another company who already have internet backbone infrastructure in place.
hostgator will work with you to keep you as a customer. If my company didn't
make such decision i would stay with them. Cheap plan, reliable server, good
services,etc. Like i say, i've only be with them for a couple of week therefore
that's all i have experience during that time. I would recommed that people
would try out (it have 30day money back) why not give it a try!

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